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Autore: Eleonora Agostini - Pubblicato il 21/07/13 - Categoria Fine Art
Holes is a project I started in New York in 2012 during my period of study at the School of Visual arts.
In realizing it, I went inside various motels and hotels mostly photographing rooms that had just been left by guests or apartments in disuse, places where people don't stop for long but are occupied for a limited period of time.

The story of these pictures is characterized by absence, narrated by silent atmospheres and lonely melancholic hotel rooms. These are spaces that remain on hold, suspended in time, between presence and absence, where forgotten objects tell of past experiences and the passage of time.
Holes expresses a crystallized reality through sheets, faces and empty rooms. Figures absorbed in an impenetrable vacuum as is the absence of time; temporariness and loneliness as a universal human condition.
The beds are unmade and the sheets are open to narrate stories that talk about lost moments and instants gone by that recall the traits and the looks of my characters. Everything looks slow, static, as if it were an ethereal break between the great movement of before and after.
The room is handled as a place of interior life, where the characters in it express, with their looks, the direct connection they have with the world: impassive and of resignation.
Questo progetto non ha ancora ricevuto feedback.
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