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Paola Ghirotti's view on Ayrton Senna at MAICC, Imola
Autore: Paola Ghirotti - Pubblicato il 13/02/20 - Categoria Fine Art
<p>#MeuAyrton &ndash; AYRTON SENNA AT THE SPEED OF HEART RATE.<br />
Paola Ghirotti&#39;s view on Ayrton Senna at MAICC, Imola<br />
For Ayrton Senna&rsquo;s 60th birthday and in response to the driver&rsquo;s fan request, the #MAICC &ndash; Museo Multimediale Autodromo di Imola Checco Costa, hosts the exhibition<br />
of the photographer Paola Ghirotti dedicated to the Brazilian champion.<br />
<br />
Starting on February 29, the MAICC, Museum in Imola, will host the exhibition of the photographer Paola Ghirotti #MeuAyrton &ndash; Ayrton Senna at the Speed of Heart Rate, produced by #unGiappone&reg;.<br />
The exhibition comes from the huge passion of the photographer for Japan and her admiration for the great driver. In 1990 #PaolaGhirotti, fascinated by the driver&rsquo;s charm, requested and received the F1 Grand Prix accreditations, following specifically those raced in Suzuka and Aida. The last GP followed by the photographer is indeed Aida&rsquo;s in 1994, two weeks before that terrible May 1.<br />
The photographs of Paola Ghirotti will be hosted inside the exhibition Magic Ayrton #AyrtonMagico, the Soul Beyond the Limits, on display at MAICC until May 3, 2020. It will be possible to visit the two exhibitions with the same ticket, without any additional charge. Visitors will be welcomed by a white panel showing Ayrton&rsquo;s portrait: an encouragement to express their feelings at the end of the two exhibitions.<br />
The hashtag #MeuAyrton has been included in #MeuAyrton &ndash; Ayrton Senna at the Speed of Heart Rate in accordance with Dona Neyde Senna da Silva&rsquo;s wish, the driver&rsquo;s mother, to exhort her son&rsquo;s supporters to share their best memories together. For Neyde Senna #MeuAyrton was: &ldquo;Muito meigo com as pessoas. Ele pegava uma flor e me trazia. Era inquieto, mas era educado ao mesmo tempo. Ele n&atilde;o parava, estava sempre mexendo em alguma coisa e batalhava mesmo para conseguir o que queria&rdquo; (He was really sweet with people. He used to take a flower and give it to me. He was restless but polite at the same time. He never stopped, he was always on the go, fighting for what he wanted).<br />
#MeuAyrton refers to Ayrton Senna Institute: for the great driver life conditions of Brazilian children and adolescents were really important. Shortly before he passed away, he expressed to her sister Viviane the wish to take care of them and of their future in a tangible way. After the tragic car crash in Imola his sister Viviane founded the Institute which, after being recognised by the United Nations, started aid programmes for millions of young Brazilians and beyond.<br />
Info and tickets at:<br />
<br />
Paola Ghirotti ( born February 2, 1955), is an italian photographer<br />
As a professional photographer, Paola Ghirotti is perhaps best known for his work in China and Japan<br />
unGiappone&reg; is the trademark, which maintains Paola Ghirotti pictorial archive, her writings and, her ongoing photographic exploration of traditional cultures.<br />
For over thirty years Paola Ghirotti has thoroughly researched the Nipponese traditions. She has had exhibited at the Goethe Institut Ky&#333;to, American Academy and Institute of Japanese Culture Rome (introduction of the exhibition by the anthropologist Fosco Maraini), the Museum of Fine Art Gifu, with staff Italia no bi, Japan no bi &ndash; the beauty of Italy - the beauty of Japan, House of Poetry- the Renaissance Palazzo Odasi in Urbino.<br />
Paola Ghirotti work had been published - in Italy and abroad - in books and magazines, some of them becoming images of reference.<br />
The photographer was in Tohoku a few weeks after the disaster in March 2011, and owing to her solidarity and affection demonstrated towards the Japanese population struck by the tragedy, she received a certification from the Japanese Ambassador in Italy.<br />
She has been accredited for the Gran Premio of Formula 1 from 1990 to 1994, her last G.P. was in Japan, Aida.</p>


<p>Event Coo nator,Ufficio Stampa, Ayrton Magico, 0542655143, info - at -</p>
Gradimento: Fantastico
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